Andreas Steinwachs

I am a full-stack Software Engineer based in Sydney, Australia. I am passionate about clean code, best practices, and working with the latest technologies.

My journey in software development started when I was 11 years old. After a long professional history in Java I have become more and more polyglot these days. The languages I am using the most are Java and TypeScript (node), and I have recently added C#/Blazor to the mix. What's next? Maybe GoLang.

Would you like to hack away at an open-source project together? Hit me up. :)

What I love about IT

I love being part of a team who owns their projects from inception, design, realisation, to go-live. A team that has the trust and the freedom to innovate and apply the best and latest technologies wherever they make sense. Being part of a company that is willing to take risks to leap ahead of others is a privilege.

I love working in agile environments. A friendly team with collaborative peers who challenge the status quo and help each other grow is key to a successful project. I strongly believe that when you allow engineers the freedom to innovate with technologies they are passionate about, both the team and the business will thrive. Because passion drives excellent results.